Raw Chocolate Icecream- vegan, gluten free, sugar free

This is a really creamy and rich dessert!
Last August we visited some friends down at the far end of Cornwall and they introduced us to the delights of home made icecream. We don't have an icecream maker (yet- I'm working on it) but my husband created this rich but nutritious dessert using organic cacao powder. In case you didn't know, cacao is natural raw chocolate, and actually ranks as a superfood. It is a source of protein and a rich source of antioxidants. If ever there was an excuse to eat (raw) chocolate, this is it!

Makes about 8 portions- you don't need much
400g cashew nuts, ground as finiely as poassible
300ml water
50g cacao powder
100ml agave nectar
  • Blend ground cashews with water
  • Add other ingredients.
  • Freeze.
As this is probably a bit richer than normal icecream,  we will try adding a bit more water next time.


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