Iced Latte with Almond Syrup- caffeine, dairy and sugar free!... and some Summer Flowers

Summer is finally here, and if you like to spend the odd spare moment sitting in a sunny garden or park with a cold drink and a good book/ iPad/ crossword, then this recipe is for you! Iced coffee-type drinks are expensive to buy and not always available in vegan, sugar-free or caffeine-free variations, but they are very easy (and much cheaper) to recreate at home. You can even make a batch of the flavouring syrup in advance. I used almond, but you can experiment with vanilla etc.

Almond syrup:
200ml agave nectar
1 tsp natural almond essence

  • Mix well and keep in a jar- no need to refrigerate
Iced Latte:
coffee substitute or decaffeinated coffee
plant milk of some kind
almond syrup (see above)

  • For each person, make a cup of black Barleycup/ Bambu/ Caro/ decaffeinated coffee.
  • Leave it to cool, pour into a glass or beaker then add plant milk (soya or almond are good for this). 
  • Use about 2 tsps of the almond syrup per cup; some people may like it even sweeter... and add plenty of ice. 
  • Throw in a straw and you're good to go!

Come and step into our garden, in all its midsummer glory...


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