Cuisinart Spice and Seed Grinder- our latest toy!

Move over Magimix! This is our new toy...

Just wanted to tell you all about our new toy tool; the Cuisinart spice and seed grinder; so far we've used it for flax seeds, coarse seasalt and black peppercorns and it's made short work of everything! It's small enough to leave out on your worktop, simple to use, quite compact and elegant in design, and doesn't make too much noise. You simply pop your seeds or spices in, and press down the lid. It even comes with a spare container and lid for storage. Already I don't know what we did without it! 
PS: This isn't some kind of promotion; we bought this to make our lives easier and genuinely love it! If you have a favourite kitchen gadget, do share with us via the comments :)


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