Veganism Featured in Last Week's Food Programme, BBC Radio Four!

Whatever your chosen diet, you have to love vegetables!
It's great to see that something as "minority" as veganism can make the mainstream media. I wonder if this programme will introduce more people to different types of food such as miso, soba noodles, seitan and tempeh (mentioned in the programme) or even encourage them to completely change their diets? I was really impressed by the research that had obviously been done: the presenter, Sheila Dillon, even mentions "Baketivism" (a kind of cake-focused veganism).
Especially interesting were the stats about vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the UK; the overall number has not increased, but a higher proportion are vegan nowadays.What does this mean? Is veganism the new vegetarianism, or are people adopting a vegan diet for more reasons than simply compassion for animals? And it was also really great to hear from a blogger on the programme; maybe one day The Yogi Vegetarian will get popular enough to be approached by media companies too?! I do think it's worth listening to this programme on the BBC website- link below:


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