What to do with Bitter Cucumbers

We love our homegrown organic cucumbers but sometimes they come out bitter...

You sow them, nurture, feed and water them, coax them to climb, then your precious organic cucumber plants start first to blossom, then to produce their fruits for you. Eagerly, you gather the first one and have a taste... Yeuch! Bitter!- Yes, sometimes this can happen, apparently when you don't pick off all the male flowers from the plants, but don't cry for help is at hand! You don't have to throw your bitter cukes in the compost any more. As long as the bitterness is not too extreme, we have the remedy:
Simply peel and slice the little rascals, and pop them in a bowl with a liberal sprinkling of seasalt. After half an hour or so, the bitter juice will have come out of them. Drain it off and rinse them. Try a piece. If it's still too bitter repeat the process. We found that maybe a tiny little hint of bitter flavour remains, but nothing to speak of- and you just made yourself a great sandwich or veggie burger filling..


  1. Sounds good :) Have you got any courgette recipes? My Mum has given me some from her allotment.

    1. Yes, we have: I'm going to feature courgettes as Ingredient of the Month for August, too. We have them coming out of our ears at the moment! They are wonderful just roasted in a little oil, they make a delicately-flavoured soup, you can shred them and eat them raw in salads or you can stuff larger ones. cCurgettes are also good sliced and baked in a white/ cheese sauce with breadcrumbs/ oats in top for a bit of crunch.And don't forget ratatouille (see recipe from 15th July). Hope this helps :)


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